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  • Sparking Your Interest In Yale
  • Light Mid-Week NCAA Schedule
  • New Hampshire vs. Holy Cross Preview
  • Sifters

Sparking Your Interest In Yale…

If you’re a player, parent, or coach who just recently started reading the Bulldog Pipeline, perhaps your interest about Yale has grown. We want to turn your attention to a previous post we ran back in October. In an effort to help educate players, parents, and coaches alike, we put a lot of useful information about Yale and our hockey program in one place–The Yale University Women’s Hockey ‘Spark’ Document. Designed and created by Assistant Coach Danielle Blanchard, this one-stop-shop document is perfect for anyone looking to know more about our hockey program and Yale as an institution. So click the link above to learn more!

Mid-Week NCAA Schedule…

In an earlier post we reported women’s hockey will be back playing games Jan. 1. That has now changed and New Hampshire will travel to Worcester to take on Holy Cross at the Hart Center Rink. Puck drop is scheduled for 5pm. The game will be streamed live and can be viewed for FREE. All NCAA conference streaming information can be found below at the bottom of the post.

New Hampshire vs. Holy Cross Preview…

These two teams met just before Christmas on December 23rd with New Hampshire exploding for a four-goal second period enroute to a 6-2 victory. It’s been a short break for both squads as they were last two NCAA teams to play before the holiday break. Looking ahead, Holy Cross has a quick turnaround as they head up to Burlington, VT for a New Year’s series with Vermont Jan. 1 & 2. New Hampshire has the weekend off and return to action Jan. 8-9 vs. Northeastern in Boston.

You can read previews for New Hampshire HERE and Holy Cross HERE.


Hockey East Cancels Games… Due to COVID testing date conflicts with the Boston University Women’s and Men’s teams returning to campus from the holiday break, each of their respective home-and-home series for this coming weekend have been cancelled. The women were set play New Hampshire and the Men vs. Northeastern.

Games Played Thus Far… In a quick scan of how the conference standings were matching up I began to notice how few games some teams have played. Of note, Wisconsin, Mercyhurst, Quinnipiac, Sacred Heart, Vermont, and Northeastern have only played 2 games thus far. In contrast, New Hampshire has played the most with 9 followed by Providence, Boston College, and MSU-Mankato with 8 and Holy Cross & UCONN with 7. If memory serves, 10 games played will be the magic number for NCAA tournament consideration this year. Normally, that number of games is 20.

Yale Traditions… Yale is a school steeped in tradition and has more than three centuries of history. One of those traditions is our mascot – Handsome Dan. You saw him on our Christmas day post – the bulldog, a.k.a., Walter. Handsome Dan was the first known ‘Mascot’ of a college or university. There have been 18 Handsome Dan’s through the years… Want to follow Walter on Twitter or Instagram?Learn about Walter’s history and the tradition that is our beloved mascot Walter HERE.

Streaming Info

-Streams for games in the ECAC can be found HERE. Subscriptions will be necessary to watch games in the ECAC.

-Streams in the WCHA can be found HERE for homes games at Bemidji, MSU-Mankato, MN-Duluth, and St. Cloud. Streams for home games at Minnesota, Ohio St., and Wisconsin can be found HERE. Subscriptions will be necessary to watch games in the WCHA.

Streams in Hockey East this year can be found HERE and all streams FREE of charge for the 20-21 season.

-Streams for CHA games with the exception of Penn St. home games can be found HERE. Penn St. home game are streamed on the Big Ten Network + and can be found HERE.

Until Next Time… Have a great weekend everyone!


Post #2


  • ‘Spark’ Some Interest
  • Numbers Don’t Lie
  • Understanding The Process
  • NCAA COVID Update

‘Spark’ Some Interest…

Coaches, one area of recruiting we feel strongly about is helping educate you about Yale University, how our recruiting process works, and what our hockey program is all about.

So to help, we created the Yale Women’s Hockey ‘Spark’ document—a visually stunning informational web-based tool to explore and share with families you think might be a great fit for Yale. Designed by asst. coach Danielle Blanchard, you’ll swipe up-and-down on everything from how housing works with our 14 residential colleges, to what it’s like to be a member of the program, as well as how the academic, admissions and financial aid process works. This is jammed-packed with videos, testimonials, and additional links. So click the link below and ‘Spark’ someone’s interest!

Yale Women’s Hockey ‘Spark’ Document.

Numbers Don’t Lie…

To give you a sense of just how much improvement there was a season ago, here is a comparison between last year vs. the 18-19 season as well as some individual player stats. The numbers tell quite a story.

Understanding The Process…

Getting to an Ivy League school such as Yale isn’t easy. Great grades, awesome teacher recommendations, and high ACT or SAT scores are just a few of the things players will need to even be considered for admission. But there is so much more to the process as a hockey player and since recruiting is not an exact science, it can be confusing. So, to help shed some light and understand how our ‘process’ works, we’ve identified a few ‘key’ pieces, in somewhat of an order, we think you should pay attention to. We’ll expand on each one in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. You won’t want to miss this 4-part series.
     1) Player Identification/Evaluation–I put ‘Player Identification/Evaluation’ number one because honestly, it’s what happens first and is the most important because we want to win.
     2) Academics–Is the second thing we look at. Who’s a great fit hockey-wise… that’s the easiest to answer. Can she get admitted to Yale? That is quite a bit harder.
     3) Affordability–Know this, a Yale education can be affordable and you don’t have to be a millionaire. We want to educate and answer the ‘affordability’ question early. 
     4) Do You Want Yale?–We want players who want to be at Yale. Because they truly want a world class education and help establish a tradition of excellence for our hockey program within the Ivy League, in the ECAC, and nationally in the NCAA.

We’ll tackle Player Identification/Evaluation next week… stay tuned!


-Yale University will have a direct impact on NCAA sports, such as Basketball and Hockey, potentially having their respective seasons.
-Hockey conference commissioners are watching as the NCAA announced an update to its ‘Core Principles of Resocialization of Collegiate Basketball document — read it HERE

The Yale University Medical School teamed up with the NBA earlier this summer and developed a low-cost, quick turnaround time, saliva based COVID test called SalivaDirect. Each test cost are somewhere between $5-$30 and results are known in a matter of hours. In its resocialization updated document, the NCAA recommended SalivaDirect was one of the tests sport programs could use as they develop safe and effective testing protocols.

Hockey people are paying close attention to what happens with Basketball. We’re similar sports in that we play indoors, have indoor locker rooms, and have close personal contact with many groups of individuals–coaches, players, officials, school administrators, medical people, etc. The NCAA has recommended Basketball tests ‘Tier I’ individuals–players, coaches, trainers, and essential staff etc., 3 times per week once the season begins. Figure each DI Basketball program between players, coaches, and essential staff could be around 20-25 personnel. The math gets pretty pricey without a SalivaDirect option. Other tests on the market could be used but cost as much as $150. Put into hockey terms… teams with an average group of 28 players coaches, staff etc. and testing three times per week within a shortened 10 week season… could cost programs anywhere from $4,200 to $25,000 for SalivaDirect tests.

Until next time everyone… Enjoy your weekend and be well!